The Hippodrome and Its Monuments – Ayse Yucel

Constantinople is former capital of the Byzantine Empire, which was founded at A.D. 330 as the new capital of the Roman Empire by Constantine I. After Constantine I named the city with his own. Constantinople was the largest and most pompous European city of the middle Ages. Constantinople shared the glories and descents of the Byzantine Empire. The city witnessed tough wars so in 5th century Theodosius II started o built giant walls surrounding the city in order to protect it from the enemies coming from the sea. Constantine I finished the construction of the wall, which was one of a kind for that century. There are lots o important structures (beside the city wall) built in Constantinople, which gave the city its prominence. (more…)


Underground Saturday in the Historical Peninsula (Berk BÜLBÜL)

As it is quite obvious most of the Byzantine monuments in Istanbul are quite in bad shape. However contrary to most people think I guess Hippodrome is preserved pretty well compared to its history. As it is known from the travel accounts took place just after the Ottoman conquer of the city. There were many reasons for that destruction however the major reasons were the financial difficulties of the late Byzantine Empire (It was hard for them to organize events), the other reason was that people themselves were using the parts of the structure for building new ones. When I walked through the hippodrome on our field trip I still felt the ambience over there. (more…)