Guidelines for Blog Postings – Field Trip 1

Your first blog posting will consist of two parts.

1. Choose one of the monuments below and write about it, adding images when possible. Please include a bibliography of at least 2 items (Wikipedia and similar resources don’t count as bibliography entries).

  • The Augusteon square and surrounding monuments
  • Residential complexes around the Hippodrome: the Palace of Antiochos and its transformation into the church of Hg. Euphemia
  • The Palace of the Byzantine emperors: substructures and the peristyle court (presently, the Mosaic Museum)
  • The Hippodrome and its monuments

2. Please reflect and comment on both of the following:

  • Conservation of the historic heritage visited
  • A Saturday in Sultanahmet

Deadline for postings: Friday, 6 November 2009

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Welcome to our new blog, The Other Side of Byzantium. This blog is maintained by the students of ARHA 318, a course in Late Antique and Byzantine Art at Koç University in Istanbul, Turkey. You may find more information about the course on the About page.

Please feel free to contribute with your comments!

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