About this blog

This blog is authored by the students of Koç University who are taking the course Late Antique and Byzantine Art (ARHA 318) in the Fall 2009 semester.

This course, taught by Dr. Alessandra Ricci, features several field trips to Byzantine sites in Istanbul, which will be documented here, along with students’ impressions and feedback.

The administrator of this blog is Marina Khonina, who is also the teaching assistant for the course. You may direct all your questions and comments to her at: mkhonina [АТ] ku.edu.tr

[Update: 28 December 2009]

Course Description:

Late Antique and Byzantine Art concern the culture, society patterns, tastes and their artistic reverberations in late Roman times and what has come to be known as the Byzantine Empire. The Empire was centered around the city of Constantinople (Istanbul), dedicated by the emperor Constantine in 330 CE. While the boundaries of the empire shifted over its many centuries of life, the capture of the city in 1453 by Ottoman Turks drew to a formal end the history/ies of Byzantium.

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