Emre Gürsoy Fener and the Greek School

Fener and the Greek Orthodox College
In our second trip, the most fascinating part was Fener with its spectecular image and large history.
Fener, konwn as Phanar, is a neighborhood midway up to the Golden Horn, within the borough of Fatih, Istanbul, Turkey (former Constantinople). There are many historical streets with wooden houses, synagogues and churches remained from Byzantine and Ottoman times.
The neighborhood became home of the most Greeks after the fall of Constantinople in 1453. Also Greek Orthodox Patriarchate was moved to this area. It is still located in Fener. Therefore, Fener has a role like Vatican (Roman Catholic Church) with its Patriarchate (Orthodox).
Greek School (known as Megalo Scholion or Greek Orthodox College) is one of the important monuments that still remained. It was established by Matheos Kamariotis in 1454. Then, it became functioning as a school. Greeks, Bulgarians and some Ottoman ministers were graduated from it.
The School was located in Fener, near the Greek Orthodox Patriarchate (also the church of St. George’s). It was designed then constructed by an Ottoman Greek architect Dimadis, between 1881-1883. It has a different style because Dimadis used many different architectural techniques in the building. Therefore, it is a nice example of an architectural mixture. Also, the building’s shape seems like a castle. Therefore, despite its function as a school, Fener Greek Orthodox College is also referred as the 5th largest castle in Europe. It has a large dome at the top which there is a antique telescope inside for astronomy classes.
Greek School still remaines its function under the authority of the government in contemporary Turkey. If you are interested deeply, then the official website of the school is http://www.frl.k12.tr/index.aspx Bibliography
-“Τριανταφυλλίδης On line Dictionary”. Φανάρι (3α). http://www.komvos.edu.gr/dictonlineplsql/simple_search.display_full_lemma?the_lemma_id=15948&target_dict=1. Retrieved October 7, 2006. -Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
-Dr. Alessandra Ricci. Fener, Istanbul, 19 December 2009.

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