Gözde Pekol

The trip that we had to Sultanahmet was not an ordinary one.Thw first Hagia Sophia was constructed in 360 by constantius II then it became the cathedral of Byzantium.It burned in 404 and also in 532. the third Hagia Sophia was reconstructed in 537. After 1453 it was immediatly turned into a friday mosque. We met in front of the Ayasofya Museum’s enterance which was Augustaion square (fora) in Mese. Augustaion took its name from augustus which was a title for emperors. It was a typical type of Roman courtyard where commercial activities occured, functioned as a public forum where people met. Justinian reconstructed the fora after the damages in 532. It was a small forum when compared with other Roman cities. In Augustaion, there used to be the statue of Justinian which was built of bricks and covered with brazen plates. On the top of the column, there was a statue of Justinian which was melted down and the column was demolished in early sixth century. The monument was as high as Hagia Sophia’s dome. In 13th century the square was an independent monument. The most suprising part of the trip was the substructre of the Great Palace. I had never used a flashlight before and never thought that there was a historic heritage under that ‘otopark’.

Koftenec , J. (2007). Walking thru Byzantium: Great Palace Region (2nd edition.). Altan Basım

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